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Alternative Financing of Natural Resources & Investments in Equity, Securities and Bonds


To guarantee financial security of future generations and increase individual’s welfare by developing economy, wherever we operate.


We are passionate about the progress, that is why we bring investments and procurement to a new development stage, closer to you and much secured. Investing with TETRAGON, you invest in a stable growing market with minimal financial risks and with guaranteed income.

Our duty includes mining and commercialization of high quality natural resources such as extra-fine quartz sand and bentonite clay, explored and exploited by NAIRI GRUP LLC in partnership with TETRAGON LLC in the Republic of Moldova, production of green energy, operation of special purpose glass factory and bentonite clay processing plant for oil & gas service companies. In the close future TETRAGON intends to place shares on international stock exchanges and ensure progressive development to meet world economic challenges.

Benefits for Legal Entities

  • You buy the finest quartz sand available on the Moldova’s market.
  • You chose by your own to buy row or washed quartz sand.
  • Our natural resources pool is located 14km from Chisinau, in immediate proximity to the national road M21.
  • You will optimise your logistics and operation costs.
  • You get the best value for money available on the market, of the purchased product.

Benefits for individuals

  • You can buy quartz sand at maximum 10 000 USD per individual, within delayed pickup option. Amounts up to 100,000 USD are discussed personally.
  • When buying quartz sand from TETRAGON, you got options, getting your sand immediately OR you can increase the value when choosing late availability. 
  • You will receive compensation in the amount of 10% of the purchase value, if you choose the option to receive the product after the expiration of 12 months from its payment.
  • After expiration of 12 months from your purchase date, you will have the option to chose to have 110% of raw quartz sand OR to receive all your money back to your bank account, plus the compensation of 10% of the purchase value.
  • Decide for yourself how much value you want to earn.
  • Even a small amount can guaranty you grow your capital.
  • There is no lock-in period for your purchase.
  • Investments in natural resources can provide you high value over time.
  • Your risks are equal to Zero over time.

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