Our duty includes mining, commercialization and exportation of high quality natural resources such as raw silica sand and bentonite clay, explored and exploited by NAIRI GRUP LLC & TETRAGON LLC in exclusive partnership with MORABA ALZWAYA LLC in the Republic of Moldova.

We do Export & Import of all types of products and goods  around the WORLD.

We accept CRYPTO payments  –  our CRYPTO address is TETRAGONINVEST.eth



Moraba Alzwaya Commercial Brokers LLC

Moraba Alzwaya Commercial Brokers LLC, License No.1144766 is private & mainland company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

MACB is also led by our CEO Mr. David Davitean, whose vision and commitment led to the development of companies and their growth.

MACB serves as an intermediary to both companies, investors and buyers with interest for diverse products/platforms, solutions, projects and modern technology trends in the market while safeguarding both parties’ goals and needs.

We think big and we think outside the box. 

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About our Products:

  • You buy the finest raw Silica Sand which has already 89% of SiO2, Raw Construction Sand & Bentonite Clay
  • We own 1000 acres of lands, which is 40 ha of Private Property
  • Our natural resources pool is located 7 km from Chisinau, in immediate proximity to the national road M21
  • You will optimise your logistics and operational costs
  • You get the best value for money available on the market of the purchased product